What's New in User Research?

Pauling Fellow Peng Garners Löwdin Award
March 20, 2017
Congratulations to Bo Peng, Pauling Fellow and EMSL scientist, on receiving the prestigious Löwdin Postdoctoral Associate Award at the 57th Sanibel...

Tweaking electrolyte makes better lithium-metal batteries
March 02, 2017
Adding a small amount of a small amount of the chemical lithium hexafluorophosphate allows for a quicker charge and can increase batterey...

Particles carry hitchhiking pollutants far from home
February 22, 2017
An international team of scientists using EMSL and other resources combined global atmospheric modeling, measurements-based findings about toxic...

Tipping water: Finding the balance
February 21, 2017 Scientists at PNNL using EMSL resources resolved long-standing controversy and definitively measured the stability of water molecules on an oxide.

NWChemEx project granted time on new Aurora supercomputer
February 13, 2017
Argonne Leadership Computing Facility chooses NWChemEx project for its Aurora Early Science Program.